How can I make a camping reservation?

Hookup RV Camping Packages can be reserved in advance by calling the Granite Hill office at 717-642-8749 Hookup RV Camping Packages are also available for purchase at the festival gate on a first come first served basis. Rough Camping Packages are available for purchase online (HERE) and at the festival gate. Rough camping spaces are assigned on arrival and filled on a first come first served basis.


When can I make a reservation?

We accept reservations one year in advance of a given festival and reservations can be made at any time during that year period. Obviously, the earlier you make a reservation the better the site selection but with a large inventory there are often sites available in the months leading up to a given event. Rough camping spaces are available upon arrival at the gate.

What are the guidelines for the audience area?

Chairs: Each festival attendee may place one chair upon arrival for the festival but no earlier than 3PM on Sunday of festival week, the day the bluegrass gate opens.

Blankets: Blankets are permitted in the grassy areas on either side of the audience tent.  The area on the black top in front of the stage is reserved for chairs.

Dogs: Dogs are not permitted in the concert/audience area.

Smoking and Vaping: Smoking and Vaping are PROHIBITED in the the concert/audience area.

Easy-Up & Pop-Up Tents: Tents are permitted in the grassy area on the far side of the audience tent from the office building.

Restrooms: Spot-o-pots, handicap spot-o-pot, and hand washing stations are located by the recreation hall.

Glass containers: Glass bottles are not permitted in the concert area.  Alcohol is permitted, please utilize cans, plastic, coozies, and bottle suits.  Festival coozies and bottle suits are available at the bluegrass boutique.


Are there minimum requirements in order to secure a reservation?

Yes, our reservations do have minimum requirements ranging from 4-7 days and at least two 4-Day festival tickets. 7 day reservations run from Sunday thru Saturday nights and four day reservations run from Wednesday thru Saturday nights. Cabin rentals are a 4 night minimum (Wed-Sat nights) and a minimum of 4 4-Day tickets per cabin (cabins sleep 6).


Aren’t you always sold out?

While the hookup areas of the campground are often full once the music starts a majority of those site occupants have not made a reservation. What this means is that many fans attend on a “First-Come, First-Serve” basis. Of the approximately 300 designated sites in the campground, less than half are reservable sites. The remainder of our hookup sites are “first come-first serve” sites. In addition ALL of our rough camping sites are first-come, first-serve. This includes small trailers, truck campers, pop-ups and tents on Berger Hill, tent camping in Stony Point, USA, and Central Park as well as all dry camping in the overflow area in the front of the campground. As a result, we have ample space that we never, ever turn anyone away who wishes to camp. It is a matter of what type of camping spot you end up with. Finally, there are many instances of attendees arriving at the gate well into the festival and sliding into a very nice site due to a variety of factors. If you can’t make a reservation, come early! If you can’t come early, come anyway. We’ll squeeze you in. With the ability to run a generator, easy access to water and our brand new Pump-Out service, camping has never been easier at The Festival.


Why are some sites always taken?

Popular, large, hookup sites in prime locations are always occupied for the festival, this is true. It is due to several circumstances. The site is either reservable or is take on a First-Come, First-Serve basis very early in the process. If a site is reservable, the occupant typically renews this site from year to year. If it is a First Come site the occupant has often arrived the weekend before the festival (this is especially true of the creek sites) or on Sun-Tues before the festival.


How are renewals handled?

We give the current occupant of a reservable site (remember, not all sites are reservable) priority status when it comes to reserving the site for the following year. They have until close of business on Saturday of The Festival to do so. If they do not, the site becomes available for in-person reservations on Sunday morning of the festival. We do not accept phone reservations until Monday morning, thus giving reservation priority to folks in attendance over those who are not. It is not uncommon for a line to form in the early morning hours of Sunday.


How early should I arrive for a first-come, first-serve site?

“As early as possible!” is the very best answer, to ensure that you have a variety of sites to choose from. There are regulars who come in the weekend before the event to secure “their” spot and enjoy the week. This is not necessary to claim a hookup spot however, as many folks arrive in the days leading up to the festival and throughout the event itself. The general rule of thumb if you want hook-ups is to arrive before the music starts, i.e. Wed. or sooner. Because of the larger number of first come sites it is exceedingly rare that we would run out of hookup spaces on Wednesday although things are often very tight by late in the day on Wednesday. If rough camping is all you require, there are plenty of spaces throughout the facility well into the program. A cautionary note: Berger Hill is a popular place for groups of folks to assemble and tends to fill more quickly than other rough areas. By the weekend, most rough camping availability is in the main field just beyond the gate.


Must I camp in order to attend the festival?

Absolutely not! We have a free day parking lot which is situated within easy walking distance of the concert area. There is a diverse array of accommodations within easy driving distance of the festival for those who chose not to camp. Many local residents are frequent visitor of The Festival as well. As a result, as many people attend that do not camp as attend that do camp. It sure is a lot of fun to camp, though!


Can I camp on single day tickets?

Since we do not have a check-in/check-out procedure for the festival, we do not permit camping on single day tickets. Why would you want to leave early anyway? The only exception would be if you held multiple single day tickets that include one for the day you arrive through Sunday. For example, a Saturday and a Sunday ticket or a Friday, a Saturday and Sunday ticket would permit you to camp for Saturday night and Friday and Saturday night respectively. Of course, it is cheaper and makes more sense to purchase a 2-Day ticket or 3-Day ticket for the above examples. You could also camp on Sunday night with just a Sunday ticket, if you so choose, at the festival rate.