Kids’ Academy

More Info:  Gettysburg BGA will meet for approximately two hours on Thursday (starting at about 6:30pm) and four hours on Friday and Saturday (two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon each day).  A one hour rehearsal will take place on Sunday before the 20 minute main stage performance (exact times of all sessions to be announced).  Students must supply their own instruments.  The ADVANCE REGISTRATION fee for Gettysburg BGA is $20 which includes a BG t-shirt (please indicate size below).  After submitting the Kids Academy Registration form, we will call you to collect payment (Visa/Mastercard).

Registration must be received no later than August 1 to get the free t-shirt.  Note:  After August 1, the cost will be $25 and payment can be made in advance (to insure a spot) or at the BGA tent if space is still available.  T-shirts are limited with late registration and sizes are first-come-first serve.  For questions and other information concerning the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival and Kid’s Academy, call (717) 642-8749 or by email contact Becca Riley at

Not sure if this activity is for you or your child?  Attend Thursday’s orientation at the BGA tent where you can decide if you’d like to continue the program.  Attendee must be present at all sessions to play on the Main Stage on Sunday!


Gettysburg Bluegrass Academy for Kids

Please complete and sign this form, then send it to the address below.


By submitting this form, you agree to the following:

My child will be at Gettysburg all four days and agrees to attend all sessions of the Gettysburg Bluegrass Academy.  My child is of school age and will bring his or her own instrument.  I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian, agree to hold Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival and their representatives harmless for any activity associated with my child’s participation in the Gettysburg Bluegrass Academy.  This includes personal injury and any damage that might occur to any instrument and personal property being used in the activity.